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iDrain Linear (Stainless Steel)

iDrain Linear

Stainless steel

An innovative, stainless steel shower drain which ultimately takes care of water drainage in an elegant manner.

  • Available in both 54mm height.
  • 1 or 2 Siphons
  • Flow capacity: 26.4 l/min or 31.81 l/min
  • Pre-glued waterproofing membrane with a 25 year guaranteed water tightness
  • Reversible stainless steel grating

Product Code Description Range Size Height Finish
iDSS600 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 600mm 54mm Stainless Steel
iDSS700 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 700mm 54mm Stainless Steel
iDSS800 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 800mm 54mm Stainless Steel
iDSS900 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 900mm 54mm Stainless Steel
iDSS1000 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 1000mm 54mm Stainless Steel
iDSS1100 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 1100mm 54mm Stainless Steel
iDSS1200 Linear iDrain iDRAIN 1200mm 54mm Stainless Steel

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