Q There are many shower door manufacturers. Why should I buy an iMAGE shower?
A. Simple! We design shower doors. We build showers in our factory in Kilkenny. We own and operate our shower fitting service. One stop, One solution.

Q Where can I buy an iMAGE product
A. iMAGE showers are sold through an approved network of retailers in Ireland. Should you have any difficulty in sourcing iMAGE products, or are based outside Ireland, please contact customer care.

Q.I have a space to put a bespoke shower but not sure how to measure.
A. As a specialist, we can measure your space on site in your home. Design a unique solution. And fit your unique shower. One stop, hassle free.

Q I am a retailer and would like to stock iMAGE products.
A. Please contact sales support on 056 7723374 and we will put an area manager in touch with you.

Q What product do you recommend to daily clean a shower door?
A. We don’t recommend a specific brand. It’s important not to use an abrasive nor acidic product.
-Use a squeegee to clean glass after use to avoid water marks and soap deposits.
-Use soapy water and rinse well after.
-Always use a soft cloth.
-For a weekly clean, use a solution of vinegar and water, a little vinegar goes a long way. Rinse well after.

Q. I have an old shower and parts are not listed on the website. Can I get parts?
A. iMAGE have been making showers for 40 years. Our team have vast knowledge. Please mail images including the handle and any other markings to iMAGE and we will be happy to help identify and supply the part.