iShower Tray

Choosing a high quality, modern or traditional shower tray could not be easier with Image Showers. A stylish shower tray is a must for your bathroom and we’re sure we have the right one for you.

We stock quadrant shower trays, rectangular trays, square trays and much more in a variety of shapes and finishes. Our extensive range of trays are available in an array of shapes and sizes to ensure they suit all kinds of bathrooms. We’re sure we have the style and shape you are after.

Our slate trays consist of a minimalist stainless steel waste cover and are hand crafted from the finest grade stone resin. These slate trays are the ultimate in minimalistic, sleek design. On the other hand, our slip-resistant shower trays give you the peace of mind of showering in a safe and secure space. Many customers are opting for these slip-resistant shower trays to safeguard their family. Whilst these trays give you the reassurance you need, they certainly don’t compromise on style.

If you possess a wetroom shower enclosure, we have the perfect wetroom shower tray for you. Our trays serve as a strong, waterproof surface, for you to tile over once installed. If you are transforming your bathroom into a contemporary, stunning and striking space, we have you covered with our wedi building board. They are 100% waterproof, extremely robust and are available in numerous designs. They can be cut to your desired shape and size without any loss of function or forfeiture of the guarantee and offer thermal insulation and waterproofing in one, in the process.

Browse our range today. Whatever shape, size and finish shower tray you are searching for, we are here to help you find it.


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