A wetroom shower screen offers you the ultimate, luxurious showering experience. If you are after a contemporary, minimalistic look this enclosure is certainly the one for you.

These shower glass panels are on trend with regards modern day home design and architecture. Wetrooms are becoming increasingly popular due to their modern appearance and sleek finish. They are extremely desirable and are great for creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. When installed correctly, a wetroom shower screen is completely waterproof, striking, and spacious.

At iMAGE, our wetroom enclosures are extremely accessible and practical. With this enclosure, it’s a case of walking in and out, as the floor is level and has a slip-resistant element. Ultimately, it’s great for people with mobility issues. Our user-friendly wetroom shower screen features a pure glass open aspect with the option of a signature iMAGE high-level towel rail.

Furthermore, we manufacture wetroom panels. These panels connect to your wetroom shower screen to create your desired enclosure. These panels are extremely easy to clean and are manufactured using toughened safety glass.

Enhance your showering space with our frameless shower glass panels for true contemporary elegance.

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